Dr. Jeremy Fisher

Principal Associate

Dr. Jeremy Fisher

PhD Geological Sciences, Brown University

MS Geological Sciences, Brown University

BS Geology, University of Maryland

Jeremy Fisher brings a background in global ecosystem modeling and climate impact science to energy system planning and analysis. His work at Synapse has focused on electric utility resource planning, the impact of environmental regulations on the electric sector, air emissions, the development of long-term alternative energy plans, and the development of analytical tools and technical guidance for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state regulators, and other clients. 

Dr. Fisher has provided expert testimony on electric resource planning issues to public utility commissions in Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming; and has further reviewed and provided comment on utility integrated resource plans (IRPs) in Alaska, California, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Georgia. His focus includes in-depth review of utility resource planning assumptions and inputs, calculations and modeling, treatment of key risks and uncertainties, and the criteria used to evaluate alternative resource plans. Dr. Fisher also participates in rate cases and Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) cases to evaluate the prudence and revenue requirements of proposed and historical utility investments.

Dr. Fisher has developed and published numerous applications to estimate the impacts of planning and policy decisions on the U.S. generation fleet and on emissions from fossil fuel generation. On behalf of EPA, he recently led the development of (and now supports) the Avoided Emissions and Generation Tool (AVERT) (www.epa.gov/avert), a peer-reviewed tool designed to assist states in using energy efficiency and renewable energy towards compliance with various air emissions regulations. AVERT was released to the public in early 2014. Dr. Fisher also provides technical guidance to the EPA and other clients on best practices in electric system modeling and resource planning.

Dr. Fisher has published 10 peer-reviewed publications related to his expertise in climate science and the electricity sector, including a 2013 article in Energy Policy (co-written with Synapse’s Frank Ackerman) exploring the water-energy nexus in electricity generation. He holds an MS and PhD in Geological Sciences from Brown University, and a BS in Geology and a BA in Geography from the University of Maryland. Before joining Synapse in 2007, Dr. Fisher researched feedback cycles between the climate and carbon exchange in ecosystems, including determining the footprint of Hurricane Katrina.

Selected Recent Publications

Direct Testimony Regarding Georgia Power 2016 Integrated Resource Plan

On behalf of Sierra Club, March 2016

Author: Jeremy Fisher

Beyond the Clean Power Plan: How the Eastern Interconnection Can Significantly Reduce CO2 Emissions and Maintain Reliability

Synapse Energy Economics for the Union of Concerned Scientists, 2016

Authors: Sarah Jackson, Jeremy Fisher PhD, Bob Fagan, Wendy Ong

Declaration Regarding Regional Haze Rule for Texas and Oklahoma 

Synapse Energy Economics for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2016

Authors: Jeremy Fisher