Patrick Luckow

Senior Associate

Patrick Luckow

MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland

BS Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

Patrick Luckow performs analyses of electric power systems using industry-standard models to evaluate long-term energy plans and the environmental and economic impacts of policy initiatives. His recent work at Synapse includes analysis of the market price impact of adding high levels of wind and solar in wholesale electricity markets; assessing gas supply constraints; modeling the New England electric system to calculate avoided costs associated with energy efficiency programs; using the ReEDS model to analyze several national clean energy futures for Clean Power Plan compliance; and using the PLEXOS model for price forecasting in California. Mr. Luckow has reviewed utilities’ resource plans across the country and has submitted expert testimony based on his analysis, frequently in regions focusing on the integration of unprecedented levels of wind and solar energy (including Hawaii and California).

Mr. Luckow leads the annual development of a Synapse CO2 price forecast, most recently published in January 2016. This study develops a publicly available long-term forecast of CO2 prices intended to serve as a reasonable estimate for use in utility integrated resource planning and other electricity planning analyses. Synapse’s forecast is based on analysis of proposed and existing policies limiting carbon dioxide, the price of CO2 already being factored into federal rulemakings, recent CO2 forecasts from utilities, and policy analysis and modeling from the research community.

Prior to joining Synapse, Mr. Luckow worked as a scientist at the Joint Global Change Research Institute in College Park, Maryland. In this position, he evaluated the long-term implications of potential climate policies, both in the United States and internationally, across a range of energy and electricity models. This work included leading a team studying global wind energy resources and their interaction in the institute’s integrated assessment model, and modeling large-scale biomass use in the global energy system.

Mr. Luckow holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University, and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland. 

Selected Recent Publications

Health and Climate Benefits of Offshore Wind Facilities in the Mid-Atlantic United States

Harvard School of Public Health, University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean, & Environment, Boston University School of Public Health, and Synapse Energy Economics, 2016

Synapse Authors: Jeremy Fisher PhD, Patrick Luckow

Spring 2016 National Carbon Dioxide Price Forecast

Synapse Energy Economics, March 2016

Authors: Patrick Luckow, Elizabeth A. Stanton PhD, Spencer Fields, Wendy Ong, Bruce Biewald, Sarah Jackson, Jeremy Fisher PhD

Direct Testimony Regarding San Juan Generation Station

Synapse Energy Economics for Sierra Club, 2016

Authors: Patrick Luckow