Inside Synapse

We’re passionate about analysis. We debate ideas, ask questions, draw charts on white boards, share articles and data sets, and critique each other’s work. We are the antithesis of silo organizations. When you hire Synapse, you hire our whole team.

We’re also passionate about Bluegrass, sci-fi, dogs, biking, Frisbee, and community engagement. We’re people who like to work with other people to do rigorous, meaningful work.

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At a Glance

  • Synapse staff in 1996: 2
  • Staff in 2021: 41
  • Last year: We worked in 31 U.S. states, multiple Canadian provinces, and D.C.


We write them for fun. For instance, our “mission haiku”:

Green economics
Neurons applied to problems
Live long and prosper


Beautiful and complex. Our logo is a fractal. It’s mathematically elegant and it resembles a lightning bolt. To us it represents electricity, speed, impact, intelligence, and consciousness of the natural world.

Fractal Synapse’s logo is a Julia set generated at 15 iterations.
Learn more about fractals on Wikipedia.