Jackie Litynski



BS in Environmental Science: Quantitative Energy Systems Track, with a second major in Public Policy, UNC Chapel Hill

Headshot of Jackie Litynski

Jackie Litynski joined Synapse in 2020 to conduct research and quantitative analysis of complex energy topics. She is a skilled modeler and has co-develop an Excel-based model to analyze the gas and electric customer rate and utility financial impacts of electrification. She uses ArcGIS and Python to efficiently analyze optimal solar siting locations. Since fall 2023, she has been leading Synapse’s NEPOOL project, representing end user and alternative resources sector clients in the New England wholesale electricity market stakeholder group. Her work in wholesale markets has focused on winter reliability, market design, and asset condition projects. Ms. Litynski also analyzes the future of natural gas, emissions impacts of fossil fuel projects, and maintains and regularly updates AVERT. Her work for Synapse has included in-depth analyses of the economics of nuclear power plants and research on the effectiveness of different electric vehicle policies.

Previously, she worked as a Research Assistant for UNC Chapel Hill Assistant Professor Evan Johnson, where she used Python to analyze the proportion of renewable energy programs that directly benefit low-income individuals and disadvantaged groups. For her senior capstone project, Ms. Litynski used the modeling tool AVERT to analyze the emissions impacts in North Carolina of various clean energy policies. She also has experience building dashboards in Excel and analyzing clean energy data with GIS software.  

Ms. Litynski holds a BS in Environmental Science: Quantitative Energy Systems Track and a dual major in Public Policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.