Jon Tabernero



BA in Economics, minor in Business Administration, Boston University

Headshot of Jon Tabernero

Jon Tabernero joined Synapse in 2020 as a Research Associate, and currently specializes in power system modeling, building decarbonization, and capacity market analysis. His most recent work focuses on running electric sector capacity expansion and dispatch models on EnCompass to support comments and expert testimony relating to utility integrated resource plans. In addition, Mr. Tabernero has experience in offshore wind sector, reviewing offshore wind developer applications in the Northeast and Southeast.

Mr. Tabernero is also a Python developer, primarily focused on writing scripts that automate and expedite data collection, cleaning, and analysis process. In addition, Mr. Tabernero has experience in web-development, specifically developing interactive data visualization dashboards using a combination of tools including Plotly Dash, MS SQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. For presenting interactive, 3D, geo-spatial data, Mr. Tabernero is experienced in using MapBox. 

Mr. Tabernero is also an Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified cloud practitioner, with direct experience using AWS’s various tools including EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, and Route 53 to deploy and run web applications.

Prior to joining Synapse, Mr. Tabernero worked as a Research Analyst at GfK, a global market research firm, where he covered the memory-semiconductor space. His responsibilities included forecasting demand trends for memory, analyzing large point-of-sale (PoS) data, and authoring bi-weekly research reports that summarized and presented research findings to clients. While at GfK, Jon developed a range of tools in Python aimed at driving organizational efficiency. Notable tools include an automated model classification script, numerous product dashboards, and a web application aimed at forecast generation and forecast adjustment.

Mr. Tabernero graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a minor in Business Administration.