Better Buildings Initiative-Superior Energy Performance Accelerator Toolkit


In collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Synapse is assisting the Advanced Manufacturing Office of the U.S. Department of Energy in developing a set of resources (i.e., a toolkit) to demonstrate the value and communicate the approach of the Better Buildings Initiative - Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Accelerator to utilities, regulators, and industrial customers. Integrating input from key energy efficiency program administrators (PAs), Synapse is developing a toolkit providing the necessary information, resources, frameworks for analysis, and case studies that will facilitate the development and deployment of ratepayer-funded SEP program offerings. Among other resources, the toolkit includes a Cost Effectiveness Screening Tool to assist PAs with determining if developing offerings for SEP is likely to achieve positive net benefits, and a SEP Filing Guide to provide PAs with guidance on the information to include in their program plans.

Project ongoing