Synapse Mission and Values

Our Mission

We take on energy, economic, and environmental policy and planning challenges with technical expertise, curiosity, and integrity.

Our Vision

To make meaningful progress addressing climate change and achieving energy, economic, environmental, and equity goals through innovative research and independent technical analysis. And to thoroughly enjoy our work by fostering a respectful, collaborative, diverse, engaging, creative, and fulfilling working experience.

Our Core Values

The Public Interest

We design, conduct, and present our research and analyses with the goal of advancing the public interest, which includes achieving energy, economic, environmental, and equity goals.

Staff Empowerment

We empower each staff member through respect, input into decision-making, opportunities for professional development, and flexibility to pursue individual interests.

Client Commitment

We strive to understand the diverse needs and perspectives of our clients and to meet their needs as effectively as possible, consistent with our vision statement and core values.

Analytical Integrity

We maintain transparency, rigor, candor, excellence, and integrity in all aspects of our work.


We encourage continuous learning and development of new methods, tools, and approaches to nurture progress in our industry and to pursue our vision.


We promote a constructive and collaborative culture, inside and outside of Synapse and across all levels of staff. Our flexible organizational structure encourages staff to collaborate across a variety of projects, topics, and clients.


We foster frequent, candid, respectful, accessible, and constructive communication—inside and outside of Synapse and across all levels of staff—to ensure project success, client satisfaction, staff development, a healthy work environment, and public outreach.

Equity and Justice

We promote equity, inclusion, and justice in all aspects of our business.

Work-Life Balance

We flexibly plan and manage our workflow to ensure that staff can achieve their professional goals while nurturing their personal aspirations.

Financial Health

We recognize that Synapse’s financial health is a key element of our success and important to supporting Synapse’s mission and values. To this end, we operate efficiently, evolve thoughtfully, compensate staff fairly, and maintain a sustainable organization.