Tools Overview

Synapse develops models and other tools in-house for specific applications. These tools are freely available to the public. Visit the pages listed below to learn more.

Synapse Multi-Sector Decarbonization Toolkit

Synapse uses a suite of in-house and industry tools to examine interactive decarbonization of the electric, transportation, and buildings sectors. 

 Electric Vehicles Regional Emissions and Demands Tool (EV-REDI)

Synapse’s EV-REDI (Electric Vehicle Regional Emissions and Demand Impacts) is a tool for modeling multiple impacts of transportation electrification for specific states.

Multi-Sector Emissions Model (M-SEM)

Synapse's Multi-Sector Emissions Model (M-SEM) integrates with Synapse's other modeling tools and is used in-house to examine cross-sector energy consumption shifts or policies. It synthesizes data by end-use, by sector, by state, and by fuel type.

Coal Asset Valuation Tool (CAVT)

Synapse’s Coal Asset Valuation Tool (CAVT) is a spreadsheet-based database and model that determines the future economic viability of coal units.

Interactive Map of U.S. Power Plants

Synapse has developed a free-to-use interactive map of power plants in the United States using data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Avoided Emissions and Generation Tool (AVERT)

AVERT is an open-access tool built for the EPA by Synapse to estimate the hourly emissions and generation benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and programs.

Building Decarbonization Calculator (BDC)

Synapse’s Building Decarbonization Calculator (BDC) is an Excel-based spreadsheet tool for modeling the energy consumption of space and water heating systems in residential and commercial buildings across the country.