Kenji Takahashi

Senior Associate

Kenji Takahashi

MA Urban Affairs and Public Policy, University of Delaware

BA Law, Kansai University

Kenji Takahashi conducts economic, environmental, and policy analysis of electric system technologies, policies, and regulations associated with both supply- and demand-side resources. He has significant experience in the analysis of integrated resource plans, renewable energy policies, distributed generation, demand response (including advanced metering infrastructure), and energy efficiency measures and programs. In particular, Mr. Takahashi has:

  • Analyzed the performance, costs, benefits, and potential of renewable energy technologies and resources, as well as energy efficiency measures—including state-of-art measures such as cold climate heat pumps, deep energy retrofits, and net zero energy buildings;
  • Assessed the design and impact of numerous utility energy efficiency program plans in utility program filings and integrated resource planning documents;
  • Assisted several states—including Colorado, Maryland, South Carolina, Alaska, and Massachusetts—with developing and analyzing state climate change action plans;
  • Assessed load forecasts and resource analyses in utility integrated resource planning documents; and
  • Evaluated various renewable energy and distributed generation policies, and assessed and developed feed-in-tariffs.

Recently, Mr. Takahashi presented direct testimony to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities regarding Public Service Electric and Gas Company’s request for an extension of its Energy Efficiency Economic Stimulus program.

Prior to joining Synapse in 2004, Mr. Takahashi was a research associate at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (CEEP) of the University of Delaware. In one of his research projects at CEEP, he investigated the impacts of different distribution rate designs on the development of distributed energy resources (e.g., renewable energy, distributed generation, energy efficiency, and demand response). Mr. Takahashi eventually turned this research into a report prepared for Delmarva Power Company.  He has also held research positions for the Delaware Division of Public Advocate and for Resources for the Future.

Mr. Takahashi holds an MA in Urban Affairs and Public Policy with a concentration in Energy and Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware, and a BA in Law with a concentration in Public Administration from Kansai University in Osaka, Japan.

Selected Recent Publications

Reinvigorating SCE&G's Energy Efficiency Programs

Synapse Energy Economics for the SC Coastal Conservation League, 2016

Authors: Alice Napoleon, Kenji Takahashi, Avi Allison

Memo on Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification in Virginia

Synapse Energy Economics for Clean Energy Solutions, 2016

Authors: Alice Napoleon, Kenji Takahashi, Jenn Kallay, Tim Woolf

Aiming Higher: Realizing the Full Potential of Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency in New York

Synapse Energy Economics for Natural Resources Defense Council, 2016

Authors: Tim Woolf, Alice Napoleon, Patrick Luckow, Wendy Ong, Kenji Takahashi