Tune in to NPR's On Point Tomorrow to Hear Synapse Senior Economist Frank Ackerman Discuss Carbon Policy

Synapse's Frank Ackerman will join climatologist James Hansen to discuss carbon policy on NPR's On Point tomorrow, May 20 at 10 a.m. Ackerman and Hansen, along with a speaker from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, will debate carbon price issues such as the design of a revenue-neutral carbon tax and the merits of taxes versus cap-and-trade systems. You can tune in to On Point on one of the 250+ stations nationwide that carry the Boston-based program, or stream it live from the WBUR website.

A senior economist at Synapse, Ackerman co-authors the firm's Carbon Dioxide Price Forecastand recently submitted comments to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget regarding the methodology used to calculate the "social cost of carbon" used in federal regulatory analyses. His other recent publications include (Mis)understanding Climate Policy: The role of economic modelling, a report prepared for Friends of the Earth and WWF-UK that critiques a conventional economic model that has been applied to climate policy proposals in the UK.