Jobs & Macroeconomic Analysis

Jobs and other economic impacts have always been a key component of energy decision-making, and their importance is only increasing as the sector transitions away from fossil fuels. Synapse studies these impacts as part of many of our projects.

Wind energy technicians


Synapse conducts macroeconomic modeling to forecast the multidimensional economic and job impacts of capital projects and spending in the energy sector, on transportation and buildings initiatives, and elsewhere in the economy. While Synapse mainly uses the IMPLAN model–an industry standard input-output tool–we also have experience with REMI and other modeling resources.   

Synapse uses its expertise to construct detailed spending patterns that capture the underlying cost composition of dozens of energy, transportation, and building resources. Through this bespoke, bottom-up approach, Synapse is able to estimate the impacts of spending changes on specific resources with greater precision than would otherwise be possible through a stock, out-of-the-box approach. 

Our services include:

  • Analyzing the economic impacts of electric sector policies and investments, including impacts on employment, GDP, electric rates and bills, and local government revenues
  • Using a combination of economic and power sector models to analyze the cost, emissions, public health, and broader economic impacts of potential or proposed state, regional, and national energy plans
  • Critiquing economic studies related to energy and the environment