Ben Havumaki

Senior Associate


MA Applied Economics, UMass Boston

BA History, McGill University

Headshot of Ben Havumaki

Ben Havumaki consults on topics including benefit-cost analysis, industry restructuring, and rate design. Recent work has focused on the impacts of the increasing share of distributed energy resources in the electric power system, emphasizing new ratemaking approaches to maximize benefits on both sides of the meter. 

Mr. Havumaki holds an MA in Applied Economics from the University of Massachusetts, where he received the Arthur MacEwan Award for Excellence in Political Economy, and a BA from McGill University. His graduate thesis research focused on hybrid energy system design in Mauritius, investigating economic and technical prospects for storage hydropower under a full-decarbonization constraint. He also co-authored a benefit-cost analysis primer for the World Bank entitled “World Bank Water Management, Sanitation, and Conservation Projects in Developing Countries: A Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis.”