AES Indiana 2022 Integrated Resource Plan

Sierra Club
Project completed January 2023

Synapse supported Sierra Club's engagement in AES Indiana’s 2022 Integrated Resource Planning process. Synapse participated in the utility's year-long stakeholder process and supported Sierra Club in drafting multiple comment letters throughout the process. We examined AES’ Encompass modeling results and assumptions with a focus on (1) AES’s proposal to stop burning of coal at Petersburg Units 3 and 4 by 2025; (2) AES plan to convert Petersburg to operate on gas once it ceases burning coal; (3) the rate and plan for deployment of renewables on AES’s system, and how the newly passed Inflation reduction act (IRA) should impact renewable pricing.

We recommended that AES lock in its commitment to stop burning coal at Petersburg by 2025 at the latest, increase its deployment of renewables, and work to continue to understand the full benefits that the IRA can provide to AES and its customers.