Announcing Synapse’s Multi-Sector Emissions Model (M-SEM)

March 10, 2016

Economy-Wide Emissions Modeling for the Real World

Conventional electricity modeling done in isolation no longer cuts it in a world that is rapidly transitioning to a new energy future. As we increasingly electrify our transportation, building heating, and other energy end uses, substantial energy and emissions will be shifted to the electric sector. And as planners, policymakers, and stakeholders seek out the best policies to reduce our emissions from energy use, they need analysis that shows the interactions between these energy sectors. Synapse’s new multi-sector emissions model (M-SEM) combines historical and projected data from multiple sectors in one place, using calibrated common units for easy comparison. Read more at

The RGGI Opportunity - A Case Study

Synapse adapts this highly flexible model to meet a wide variety of needs. For instance, we created a version of M-SEM to determine how Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) participant states could achieve deeper emissions reductions than attainable through electricity sector measures alone. For more information, read The RGGI Opportunity 2.0.

M-SEM output illustration