Ariella Fuzaylov



Bs in Computer Science and Statistics, McGill University

Ariella Headshot

Ariella Fuzaylov joined Synapse in 2024. She conducts research and analysis on a variety of energy sector topics. Her work aims to use data to reveal trends in and impacts of building decarbonization, energy efficiency, and clean energy. She also wrote a capstone research paper about decarbonization strategies for difficult to decarbonize commercial buildings in Boston during her internship with Climable and Synapse.

Prior to joining Synapse, Ms. Fuzaylov worked in data engineering at SSENSE in Montreal. There, she helped transition the data orchestration infrastructure to AWS, while using Python and Spark to support the legacy extract, transform, and load processes. She also provided code review and consulted on data engineering design patterns at Pedersen Quantitative Fisheries Ecology Lab. 

Ms. Fuzaylov holds a BS in Computer Science and Statistics from McGill University.