CenterPoint Energy Indiana 2022-2023 Integrated Resource Plan

Sierra Club
Project completed.

Synapse supported Sierra Club’s engagement in CenterPoint Energy Indiana’s 2022–2023 Integrated Resource Planning process. Synapse participated in the utility’s year-long stakeholder process and supported Sierra Club in drafting multiple comment letters throughout the process. We examined CenterPoint’s Encompass modeling results and input assumptions with a focus on (1) CenterPoint’s retirement timeline for two of its coal plants - unit 3 at the F.B. Culley Generating Station, and the Warrick Power Plant; (2) CenterPoint’s plan to continue relying on its existing gas resources; (3) CenterPoint’s assumptions around new renewables as part of its integrated resource plan, including baseline cost assumptions, incorporation of the inflation reduction act into renewable pricing, resource availability, and procurement.

We recommend that CenterPoint end its reliance on coal by shutting down Culley Unit 3 by 2027 and Warrick by 2023 at the latest. Additionally, we recommend CenterPoint minimizes customer exposure to gas risks by reducing its reliance on its existing gas units and instead shifting its generation mix to zero marginal cost renewables, engages in proactive procurement of new renewables to minimize the risks that a new resource won’t be available when needed and continues to evaluate and fully reflect all potential tax benefits from the inflation reduction act into its consideration of new renewables.