Connecticut Building Energy Modeling

People's Action for Clean Energy
Project completed September 2022

Synapse assembled a detailed statewide database of buildings for People's Action for Clean Energy to study energy use and identify approaches to building decarbonization. We developed a set of locally appropriate residential, commercial, and industrial building typologies based on energy-relevant factors and building characteristics. For each typology, Synapse developed building characteristic data and end-use equipment profiles.

Synapse also quantified the energy savings potential from envelope improvements appropriate to the Connecticut building typologies. We developed energy models of the envelope and thermal loads for the most common typologies. Synapse calibrated the models to the building profiles in order to prepare model runs for:

  1. prototypical existing envelope conditions, and
  2. a set of envelope improvements, including adding insulation and sealing air gaps.

Synapse completed energy-savings cost analysis to study the economic benefits of the retrofits.