Danskammer Energy Center’s Article 10 Application

Scenic Hudson
Project completed.

Synapse was retained by Scenic Hudson to provide an expert report and testimony relating to Danskammer Energy’s Application for an Article 10 certificate from the Board for Electricity Generation Siting and Environment (Siting Board) in order to construct a new Combined Cycle plant in Orange County New York. Our worked focused on (1) reviewing and critiquing the application and supplemental filings from Danskammer Energy and its consultant ICF International in support of constructing the plant; (2) evaluating whether the project complied with New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Projection Act; and (3) modeling New York electricity system both with and without the proposed Danskammer Energy Center to demonstrate that there was no need for the proposed plant.

In October 2021, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation rejected Danskammer’s Title V air permit application. This occurred before the matter was reviewed by the Siting Board, therefore Synapse’s report will not be submitted or published.