Deep Decarbonization & Rapid Electrification in Indiana

Energy Matters Community Coalition
Project Complete May 2022

Synapse modeled a Deep Decarbonization and Rapid Electrification scenario on behalf of Energy Matters Community Coalition in the context of Duke Energy Indiana's 2021 IRP. The scenario incorporated a transition to clean energy sources in line with global greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. We used Synapse's in-house EV-REDI (Electric Vehicle Regional Emissions and Demand Impacts) and BDC (Building Decarbonization Calculator) tools to model how rapid electrification of transportation and buildings will impact the power sector. We also estimated new electric loads associated with electrification in the industrial sector. Using the EnCompass model, we determined an optimal electric generation resource plan to serve growing loads while rapidly reducing emissions. In addition to rapidly reducing emissions and environmental impacts, we found that rapid electrification can save Duke's customers tens of billions of dollars in spending on fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel, and natural gas.