Demand Response as a Power System Resource

Regulatory Assistance Project
Project completed in 2013.

Synapse prepared a report for RAP in response to the expressed interested of European policymakers, including the electric power team at Europe’s Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER). The report focuses on the ways that demand response resources effectively participate in and improve the performance of coordinated electric systems in the United States. Additionally, the report reviews the many types of services that demand response can provide, and the early history of demand response programs in the United States. The bulk of Synapse's research examined the specific applications of demand response in several US regions. This report includes numerous examples of demand response successfully providing reliable system services at competitive prices, and ends with lessons learned and key challenges for the near future.

Based upon the report, Synapse's Doug Hurley prepared materials for and then presented at two events with European Regulators. The first was a workshop in Ljubljana with the staff of the ACER, and the second was a demand response symposium in Brussels.