Dr. Thomas Vitolo

Technical Advisor


PhD Systems Engineering, Boston University

MS Financial and Industrial Mathematics, Dublin City University

BS Applied Mathematics, North Carolina State University

BS Computer Science, North Carolina State University

BS Economics, North Carolina State University

Dr. Thomas Vitolo

Tommy Vitolo is a Technical Advisor at Synapse. He has more than 11 years of professional experience as a consultant, researcher, and analyst.

Since joining Synapse in 2011, Dr. Vitolo has focused on technical issues including avoided costs, variable resource integration and valuation, utility resource planning, and other issues that typically involve statistical analysis, computer simulation modeling, and stochastic processes. He has filed expert testimony in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, and Vermont, and has testified before state or municipal legislative committees in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Dr. Vitolo has provided analysis on the value of solar or costs and benefits of distributed generation more broadly in California, the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin. He has also reviewed and critiqued the numerical analysis, modeling, and decision strategies of integrated resource plans and certificates of public convenience and necessity submitted by utilities located in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Dr. Vitolo also focuses on issues for which decisions are ultimately made by publicly elected officials. He has testified before city, regional, or state elected officials in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Vermont. In addition, he has led projects to review and analyze municipal electric planning in Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and Tennessee. While this work included technical analysis such as decision-making regarding capital assets, energy procurement, staffing, and public reporting, it also typically included meetings and workshops with elected officials, community leaders, advocacy and business organizations, and local print and broadcast media.

Dr. Vitolo holds a PhD in Systems Engineering from Boston University, an MSc in Financial and Industrial Mathematics from Dublin City University, and BS degrees in Economics, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University. Dr. Vitolo also serves as an elected representative in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.