Evergy Kansas 2021 Integrated Resource Plan Engagement

Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board
Project Completed February 2022

Synapse supported the Citizens Utility Ratepayer Board (CURB) in Kansas in its engagement in Evergy Kansas's 2021 IRP process in Docket No. 19-KCPE-096-CPL. Synapse participated in the stakeholder engagement process and helped CURB in drafting final comments on the IRP. We also supported CURB's engagement with the company throughout the IRP process as it sought to improve Evergy's resource planning. We found that the company relied on outdated modeling tools and assumptions, which the company admitted it was planning on updating just following the IRP cycle. Overall, Synapse was concerned with the ratepayer impacts of Evergy's continued reliance on coal and slow transition towards renewable energy resources.