Expert Testimony in New Mexico Regarding New Mexico Gas Company's 2023-2025 Energy Efficiency Plan

New Mexico Office of the Attorney General
Project completed March 2023

Synapse assisted the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General with evaluating New
Mexico Gas Company’s (NMGC) proposed 2023-2025 Energy Efficiency Plan. Synapse
assessed whether the plan was in the interest of the residential and small business
customers of NMGC and in the public interest of the state of New Mexico and provided
a summary of key issues and recommendations for improvement. Jennifer Kallay
sponsored testimony on electric and gas utility coordination, low-income investments,
cost-effectiveness, and the incentive rate. Kenji Takahashi sponsored testimony
focusing on alternatives to gas-fueled water- and space-heating equipment and
recommended a novel transition where the gas company discontinues gas equipment
incentives and instead supports building electrification through financial incentives for
heat pumps to help the state achieve its aggressive climate mandates.