Florida Power & Light Rate Case

Vote Solar
Project Completed August 2021

Synapse submitted expert testimony from two witnesses on behalf of Vote Solar and the CLEO Institute in the 2021 rate case from Florida Power & Light (FPL). Witness Rachel Wilson reviewed the sufficiency of FPL's resource planning process and evaluated the prudence of its investments in new gas-fired resources as compared to demand-side management, renewables, and storage.

Witness Melissa Whited demonstrated how FPL's rate case proposal failed to provide adequate safeguards for low-income customers struggling with the impacts of COVID-19, unaffordable bills, and a warming climate. Her testimony documents how FPL's disconnection practices have exacerbated inequities and that FPL's proposal would do little to improve affordability or resilience. She provides several possible solutions to help protect FPL's most vulnerable customers, improve affordability, and enhance resiliency.