Georgia Power 2022 Integrated Resource Plan

Sierra Club
Project Completed April 2022

The Sierra Club retained Synapse to model Georgia Power Company’s system and identify the least-cost portfolio in the public interest. Synapse used the industry-standard EnCompass software for capacity expansion optimization and production cost analysis to simulate the Georgia Power system and identify the most cost-effective pathway for ratepayers.

We modeled two scenarios:

  • A Georgia Power Proposal scenario, which models the cost and performance of Georgia Power’s preferred portfolio according to its proposed integrated resource plan; and
  • A Synapse Optimization scenario, which allows the EnCompass optimization to select the most cost-effective resources.

Based on the results of EnCompass modeling, Synapse provided expert testimony to the Georgia Public Service Commission identifying shortcomings of Georgia Power’s proposed integrated resource plan and making recommendations to the Commission for crafting an integrated resource plan in the public interest.


The Georgia Public Service Commission issued an Order adopting a stipulation and approving Georgia Power’s proposed plan on July 29, 2022. The final approved plan included expanded energy efficiency, which was one of the recommendations made by Synapse.