Gibbstown LNG Export Terminal: Lifecycle GHG Emissions Analysis

Delaware Riverkeeper Network
Project completed in May 2023

Delaware Riverkeeper Network commissioned Synapse to analyze the lifecycle emissions from the proposed Gibbstown-Wyalusing Project. As it is currently proposed, this project would include a natural gas liquefaction facility to be built in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania and an accompanying LNG or liquefied natural gas export terminal to be built in Gibbstown, New Jersey. These facilities have been proposed by separate but associated entities, connected to New Fortress Energy. An additional associated company has proposed to transport the LNG between these two facilities by train. There is also a proposal to use trucks to transport the LNG.

This project is unique due to the distance between the two facilities—around 175 miles by truck or 250 miles by train. By locating the two facilities hundreds of miles apart, the companies are bypassing a comprehensive review of the entire project’s emissions and environmental impacts.

Synapse performed a comprehensive calculation of expected greenhouse gas emissions from ten different steps in the lifecycle of the natural gas in this project, from facility construction and wellhead gas extraction through end-use combustion. Synapse built an Excel-based dashboard for the initial analysis, which can also be updated to analyze the emissions impacts of similar natural gas projects. Synapse presented the results of this analysis in a detailed report, as well as at a webinar hosted by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network in May 2023.

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