Jennifer Kallay

Principal Associate


MA Energy and Environmental Analysis, Boston University

BA Journalism, University of Maryland

Jennifer Kallay

Jenn Kallay has more than a decade of professional experience analyzing the benefits and costs of energy efficiency efforts for jurisdictions in the United States and Canada including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Vermont, New Jersey, Arkansas, Minnesota, Virginia, Prince Edward’s Island, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. Her work entails reviewing different regulatory approaches to spur energy efficiency; assessing the ability of utility energy efficiency plans to tap into cost-effective potential; evaluating energy efficiency components of integrated resource plans; researching best practice program designs and policies; analyzing energy efficiency as an alternative to new power plants; understanding and accounting for the full benefits of energy efficiency and conducting rate and bill impact, participant, and cost-effectiveness analyses. She takes these energy efficiency analysis tools and adapts them to assess the impacts of other utility efforts, such as support for distributed energy resources. Since 2012, she has supported the Rhode Island Division of Ratepayer Advocate in assessing the impacts of utility energy efficiency plans and delivery strategies on customers, and has testified before the state’s Public Utility Commission on several occasions regarding planned energy efficiency savings goals and costs. In 2017, she provided strategic support on the Division’s power sector transformation initiative.

Most recently, Ms. Kallay is researching and analyzing strategies, policies, and practices that cities and towns can use to reduce emissions, utility/community engagement on energy- and resiliency-related issues, and policy, technological developments, and transformation in the transportation sector. In 2017, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources engaged Synapse to review Green Community Annual Reports, verify whether municipalities have reached their 20 percent energy reduction goal, and develop a Progress Report for the program highlighting achievements to date. Ms. Kallay manages the Synapse project team responsible for identifying strategies that are effective across towns, providing support to towns to meet their energy reduction goals, making recommendations to continue to advance and improve the program, and developing an annual progress report. In 2018, Burlington Electric Department retained Synapse to develop a net zero energy roadmap for the City of Burlington. Ms. Kallay manages the Synapse project team responsible for this project.