Legislative Briefings on Cleaning Up Heavy Industry

Sierra Club
Project completed.

On behalf of the Sierra Club, Synapse provided in-person briefings in Washington D.C. on the findings of our recent study, Coming Clean on Industrial Emissions: Challenges, Inequities, and Opportunities in U.S. Steel, Aluminum, Cement, and Coke. Synapse industrial decarbonization experts Philip Eash-Gates and Jack Smith conducted a series of five educational sessions with the Sierra Club staff, environmental advocates, and congressional staff . These briefings covered a range of topics, including environmental, health, equity, and economic impacts of industrial facilities. Synapse educated the participants on available policy solutions to begin cleaning up heavy industry while maintaining economic competitiveness. We also trained participants on publicly available resources that we prepared as part of the original study, including a nationally consistent, easy-to-use database and interactive webtool. You can view the presentation here as well as the full report, database, and interactive map here.