Mississippi Power Company 2024 Integrated Resource Plan

Sierra Club
In Progress

Synapse provided support for Sierra Club in reviewing and filing formal comments to the Mississippi Public Service Commission on Mississippi Power Company’s (MPC) Technical Conference for its 2024 Integrated resource Plan (IRP). The comments outlined Sierra Club’s concerns with the substance and process of the Mississippi IRP. 


-    The lack of transparency around MPC’s resource planning decision. 
-    MPC decision to continuing to rely on its large coal fleet and extend preciously established retirement dates at many of its plant.
-    MPC’s decision to enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Georgia Power Company to sell power from Plant Daniel and continue to invest in and operate the legacy coal asset plant.
We offer the following recommendations:
-    MPC should provide the full PPA with Georgia Power Company to stakeholders to facilitate transparency of decision-making.
-    MPC should provide its analysis and other evidence demonstrating that entering into the PPA is in the best interest of Georgia ratepayers.
-    MPC should disclose its key modeling inputs assumptions and methodology for stakeholders to evaluate and critique as part of the IRP process.
-    MPS should evaluate opportunities to lower system costs including opportunities under the IRA, increased investment in energy efficiency, and participation in MISO.