New Hampshire Cost-Effectiveness Framework

New Hampshire Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Working Group
Project Completed 2020

In December 2018, New Hampshire stakeholders and the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission asked the Benefit/Cost Working Group to review the cost-effectiveness test for energy efficiency programs, and the degree to which they fit within the framework established by the National Standard Practice Manual. In the Spring of 2019, the Public Utilities Commission staff facilitated a working group process and retained Synapse for technical support in assessing the existing energy efficiency progam policies in the state. Through these collaborative efforts, the Benefit/Cost Working Group was able to establish an energy efficienct cost-effectiveness framework that more fully reflects state policies. In the following report, Synapse discusses the review process as a whole, summarizes the Benefit-Cost Working Group members' views, and recommends modifications to New Hampshire energy efficiency cost-effectiveness practices for the Commission's consideration.