Evaluation of PSE&G's Petition for a Ten-Year Energy Strong Program


Public Service Electric and Gas Company has petitioned the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to approve the first five years of the $3.94 billion, ten-year Energy Strong program to harden utility infrastructure and guard against increasingly extreme weather. On behalf of the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel, Synapse performed a technical and engineering assessment of the Energy Strong program as well as a comparative examination of the proposed program with PSE&G's Capital Infrastructure Program. In addition to this analysis, Synapse prepared and reviewed discovery questions and responses to discovery, assisted in the development of the Rate Counsel's policy position regarding the Energy Strong proposal, assisted in preparing comments and pre-filed direct testimony, and attended Board hearings. Synapse also filed direct and supplemental testimony, and provided cross-examination and live surrebuttal testimony. Project completed May 2014.

Completed May 2014