Low-Income Electrification Rate Design


On behalf of the Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council, Synapse provided technical support and expert witness testimony in California docket A19-11-019. Synapse conducted a bill impacts analysis for customers in three different climate zones who might electrify their home on Pacific Gas & Electric's proposed E-ELEC time-of-use rate. Dr. Erin Camp authored expert witness testimony, demonstrating that electrifying on the proposed E-ELEC rate is not likely to be economical for customers who live in multi-family buildings, especially those customers who are low-income. In her testimony, Dr. Camp advocated for a separate, additional electrification time-of-use rate for all low-income customers in PG&E's service territory to alleviate the barrier to electrifying for this vulnerable customer group. Her analysis led to a successful E-ELEC settlement rate.

Project Complete