Mohave Generating Station Alternatives/Complements Study


Synapse teamed with Sargent & Lundy to evaluate a set of supply- and demand-side technologies to replace or complement power flowing to Southern California Edison (SCE) from the coal-fired Mohave Generating Station in southern Nevada.  The consultant team reported to a group of stakeholders including SCE, consumer and environmental advocates, the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe. Technologies evaluated included IGCC with and without carbon capture and sequestration, wind, various solar technologies, and a unique option comprised of DSM procurement in nearby states coupled with a power purchase of “freed up” supply imported into California.  Synapse was responsible for development and characterization of the DSM procurement option, as well as estimates of projected fuel prices, output profiles, emission costs, economics of carbon sequestration, various tribal issues, and employment impacts on and off the affected reservations. Project completed in February 2006.

Project completed in February 2006.