Report on RPS Benefits for the Renewable Energy Technology and Environment Coalition (RETEC)


In July 2003, NRDC retained Synapse to develop a white paper reviewing the literature on selected benefits of a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). The resulting report was titled "Cleaner Air, Fuel Diversity, and High-Quality Jobs: Reviewing Selected Potential Benefits of an RPS in New York State." The report was submitted by The Renewable Energy Technology and Environment Coalition (RETEC) in the New York Public Service Commission's proceeding reviewing the proposed New York RPS.

Subsequently, Synapse commented on work submitted by other parties. During August and September 2003, Synapse evaluated studies of the potential cost of such a standard prepared by other parties and summarized the findings in a report titled "Comments on the RPS Cost Analyses of the Joint Utilities and the DPS Staff." This report was also submitted by RETEC for the record in that proceeding. In June 2004, the Public Service Commission issued a recommended decision in support of the RPS. Project completed in August 2003.

Completed August 2003