Review of Central Maine Power’s Alternative Rate Plan


The Maine Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) hired Synapse to assist in reviewing the 2014 Alternative Rate Plan proposed by Central Maine Power (CMP). As part of this review, Synapse assessed the reasonableness of CMP’s initial capital investment mechanism and advised the OPA on its Motion to Dismiss. Synapse evaluated CMP’s revised proposal for recovering capital investment costs and the degree to which the proposal fails to achieve the goals of performance-based ratemaking. Synapse also conducted an in-depth review of the Company’s revenue decoupling proposal. In addition to technical support on specific topics, Synapse developed policy-level testimony to synthesize the findings on all of the issues addressed by OPA to provide overall policy recommendations. Synapse provided support during the settlement process, and Tim Woolf testified at the hearings. 

Project completed October 2014.