Review of MidAmerican’s Proposed Acquisition of PacifiCorp


Synapse teamed with Larkin & Associates and Resource Insight to evaluate MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company's (MidAmerican) proposed acquisition of PacifiCorp from owner Scottish Power. The overall objective of this assignment was to develop an assessment of the proposed acquisition from a consumer standpoint. Issues that we analyzed included: What would the new PacifiCorp corporate structure look like in terms of local presence and control? What are the financial and economic risks involved? And what would MidAmerican do for customers in terms of generation, transmission and distribution investment strategy? Further, if there were significant risks, were there certain conditions or alternatives that would mitigate those risks and make the acquisition more favorable for consumers? To answer these questions, Synapse reviewed the company filing, participated in the review of discovery, and participated in settlement negotiations. Project completed in January 2006.

Project completed in January 2006.