Review of Public Service Electric and Gas Company's 2020 Green Programs Cost Recovery Filing


On behalf of the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel, Synapse provided technical assistance concerning the energy efficiency programs within Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G)’s 2020 Green Programs Cost Recovery Filing. In this filing to the Board of Public Utilities, PSE&G requested recovery of its historical program spending from 2019 to 2020 and projected spending through 2021.

Synapse evaluated the reasonableness of the historical program spending and savings with a focus on the 2017 Energy Efficiency program that includes sub-programs targeting multifamily buildings, hospitals, small commercial customers, and residential end uses. Synapse investigated spending and savings per participant, costs of saved energy, benefit-cost analysis, and measured specific incentive payments and savings assumptions. Synapse’s assessment revealed that some of the sub-programs were not cost-effective or were substantially more expensive than originally projected. Synapse made several recommendations to improve the cost-effectiveness of these sub-programs.

Project Completed April 2021