Review of Siting Certificate Application for West Virginia Coal Plant


Synapse testified on behalf of Intervenors Barbara Born, et al. (concerned citizens) with regard to the proposed Longview Power LLC coal plant. Synapse presented evidence that the Company neglected to provide adequate information regarding the short- and long-term financial viability of the Project.  The Company also neglected to provide a comprehensive analysis detailing the amount of property taxes that Longview would be required to pay to Monongalia County in the absence of the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreement. Synapse argued that it was therefore impossible to make a determination regarding the economic impact of the Project on Monongalia County and residents in the State of West Virginia.  For these reasons, Synapse recommended that the Commission deny Longview of a Siting Certificate for the proposed plant. Project completed in April 2006.

Completed April 2006