Rockland Advanced Metering Infrastructure


Synapse assisted the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel in evaluating Rockland Electric Company’s proposal for investments in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The proposal included an upgrade of 58,000 meters in Bergen County to advanced meters with two-way communication, to occur over a five-year period, along with the equipping of eight cell towers to transmit meter information, the installation of a new meter data receipt system, and the configuration of other Company systems to process and use data received from the new meters. Synapse reviewed the Company’s cost and benefit assumptions and supporting materials to ensure that the AMI meters would provide sufficient improvements in resiliency and reliability, and that the cost-benefit analysis had been performed correctly and incorporated reasonable estimates of both the costs and benefits. Synapse also addressed issues regarding premature retirement of meters and customer opt-out fees and information.

Synapse also reviewed the Company's concurrent proposal for storm hardening measures.

Project completed December 2015