Transmission Planning Process in Vermont


Pursuant to a Vermont Public Service Board Order in Docket No. 7801, a mediated negotiation process was established to review the process by which VT electric utilities conduct transmission system planning with a particular focus on the evaluation of non-transmission alternatives (NTAs) that could include energy efficiency, demand response, or distributed generation resources. Synapse assisted CLF, a party to Docket 7801, in the mediated negotiation process. Synapse also provided direct and rebuttal testimony that urged the VT PSB to reject the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) submitted by the majority of the utility parties and the Department of Public Service. The VT PSB issued a decision on June 20, 2007. In the Order, the VT PSB largely accepted the provisions of the MOU and, after a lengthy discussion, rejected CLF’s positions. Project completed in December 2006.

Project completed in December 2006.