Sabine Chavin



MS in Physics, University of Pennsylvania

BA in Physics, concentration in Computer Technologies, University of Pennsylvania

Headshot of Sabine Chavin

Sabine Chavin is an experienced energy modeler with a background in complex data analysis. She conducts research and analysis on energy sector issues including resource planning, federal energy legislation, tracking utility performance, building decarbonization policies, and energy storage. She has experience performing electric sector capacity expansion and production cost modeling to assess energy policy impacts, forecast avoided energy costs and evaluate equity issues. Sabine has also assisted in testimony development focused on power plant economics in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Recently, Sabine has been supporting consumer advocates and state agencies engage with energy storage program design issues.

Prior to joining Synapse, Ms. Chavin worked in biophysics research at the University of Pennsylvania. She used Python to model neural navigation processes in Professor Vijay Balasubramanian’s neuroscience lab and analyzed structures of parasites using cryo-electron microscopy techniques in Dr. Yi-Wei Chang’s structural biology lab.  

Ms. Chavin holds a B.A. in Physics with a concentration in Computer Techniques and an M.S. in Physics both from the University of Pennsylvania.