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Today marks the release of Synapse’s Coal Asset Valuation Tool (CAVT) Version 6.0. We are thrilled to announce this latest version, which features key data updates and usability enhancements, including the latest AEO gas and coal prices, full updates to environmental control presets, and a smaller file size so users can run CAVT faster on any machine.

Under EPA’s final Clean Power Plan, states must submit initial compliance plans or demonstrate progress toward that goal by September 2016. The Synapse Clean Power Plan Toolkit can help state agencies, public interest groups, and others zero in on cost-effective compliance plan options for any state or region affected by the rulemaking.

Synapse released a report on Wednesday based on the latest version of its Coal Asset Valuation Tool (CAVT), which shows that the United States could save roughly $262 billion over the next three decades by shutting down a significant portion of its coal plants and replacing them with less expensive alternatives. The report demonstrates how a variety of factors, including aging infrastructure, more stringent environmental regulations, and lower natural gas prices, are converging to make the majority of coal plants uneconomic.